Frequently Asked Questions


Do you really make it all?

Yes, we really do. We have a 15 needle embroidery machine and two single needle machines.  I (Jen) digitize all of our designs (though in the beginning I bought several-and still offer the ones that sell well).  We stitch everything in house.  We cut out all of the designs, glue on the magnets, clean up the patches, add the iron on backing, attach things to greeting cards, and package it all.  We do not outsource any of our products.


Can I mail the magnet greeting card with a stamp?

We’ve tested this and yes, you can mail it with just a stamp. However, it’s safest (and our recommendation) to mail it with enough postage for a 3 oz package. First class mail is the cheapest and offers a tracking number.


Do you do custom work?

Yes, we do! However, we limit it to only the items we currently create: magnets/cards, patches, ornaments, totes, tea towels, hats. If you want us to embroider a sweater, t shirt, car mat, sporting equipment bag, etc, we do not do that. For rates and more information, please click here.


Can I iron my tea towel?

Absolutely! After washing, it is very likely your tea towel will be wrinkled. You can iron it.  But please do not put the iron on the stitches.  It will melt the thread.  Put a cloth over the stitches and then iron over it.


Can I wash my tote?

You, sure can! Feel free to toss in the washing machine and dryer. Afterwards, it is very likely your tote will be wrinkled. You can iron it.  But please do not put the iron on the stitches.  It will melt the thread.  Put a cloth over the stitches and then iron over it.


Can I iron one of your patches to a hat?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: You can, several of our customers have. It may be successful, or it may fail. They really aren’t designed for hats; they’re too big for them.  And ironing one onto a hat is not that simple.  They need time for the iron on backing to cool and adhere properly.  This requires patience and holding/pressing a hot patch in place until it does cool down.  Even then, we recommend sewing it on as extra security.  There is a fabric adhesive you can use, but again, that requires allowing time for it to dry while holding the patch in place on the hat.  Our recommendation is to leave this up to the professionals or proceed at your own risk (of ruining a hat).


Do you offer wholesale?

We do! We have a shop on Faire.  You can access it here.  If you prefer not to use Faire, let us know and we can invoice you for the order.


How do I iron on my patch?

If you aren’t familiar with iron on patches, they can be very finicky. The adhesive on the back is heat activated. But so many things can impact their ability to adhere: too much heat, too little heat, not enough pressure, heated for too long, not heated long enough, too much humidity in the air (or moisture in the fabric), not allowing enough time for it to cool and adhere, even the age of the adhesive can impact how well it sticks, and sadly some materials just won’t allow the adhesive to stick.

At some point, your attempts will burn off the adhesive and it will NEVER stick. You have two options:

  1. Sew it on (our recommendation from the absolute start)
  2. Glue it on

I’ve personally purchased iron on patches from large well-established companies that just refuse to stick.  It comes with the territory sometimes.

I do not trust patches that have only been ironed on.  At some point the adhesive will wear away. Therefore, we ALWAYS recommend sewing it on.

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