Custom Work

I love making custom work! However, I limit it to only the items I currently offer: magnets, cards, patches, flour sack tea towels, ornaments, tote bags, and wall art.

I do not embroider clothing, hats, or bath towels.


Costs for custom work:

Digitizing fee: $25. Every item will require me creating the design on my computer for the embroidery machine to read. This can take hours to days.  However at the moment I am just charging a flat $25 fee. The fee is only charged once per design. Whether you order 1 or 10 of the same design, the digitizing fee is $25 total.


Below is a price list for the custom items I offer:


Magnet/Magnet Card: $15 + $25 digitizing fee = $40

Patch: $15 + $25 digitizing fee = $40

Ornament: $15 + $25 digitizing fee = $40

Tea Towel: $18 + $25 digitizing fee = $43

Tote: $25 + $25 digitizing fee = $50


Feel free to email me to get started on your custom piece!

jennifer (@)



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