Welcome to The Little Nest

The little nest is a small family owned business located in metro Atlanta, GA. We sell gifts for the modern baby including bibs, body suits, burp cloths, and more. All items are proudly and thoughtfully made by our own hands. 

Meet the Team


Hey, y’all!


My name’s Jen and I’m the original brain child behind the little nest. I’ve been a creative soul for as long as I can remember.

I love working with my hands and making things-it’s truly my passion in life.

Owning a creative business has been a life long dream of mine.

Before Courtney joined the little nest full time, I did it all. But now I get to focus on creating our designs and doing all the sewing for the little nest. I also maintain our social media accounts and blog.

To learn more about  me, check out my first blog post here!



Hi there!


I’ve always been a behind the scenes helper of the little nest, but officially joined the team full time in March 2020.

Prior to that I worked in the addiction treatment field for over 17 years.

I do a lot of the “grunt” work that makes it easier for Jen to create our products.

Some of my daily duties include cutting fabric, adding hang tags to and packaging products, and making tutus.

Ultimately my job is to keep us running like a well oiled two person machine. Some days that’s harder than others.



My name is Ande!  Courtney & Jen are my humans.

I’m really the boss of this business.

If you shop with us at festivals, chances are high that you’ll see me there keeping them in line.

I can be shy, but I’m friendly.

And if you share your food with me, we can be BFFs (until the food is gone at least). 

Here are some places you can follow us and reasons why you should!!

inside the little nest We will post monthly giveaways on this Facebook group. See the pinned post for details on how to enter!

the little nest This is our regular Facebook fan page and it will contain an up to date list of festivals (click the events tab for the list)

@tlnest This is our Instagram account. This will have all the pretty pictures of course! 

@the_little_nest This is our twitter account for those of you that want to hear our tweets.

tlnest This is our Pinterest account. Aside from our products, you’ll be able to see our Pinterest interests, too!

inside the little nest This is our blog.  We will share both personal and business related stories here as well as highlighting other handmade businesses!

Let’s Get in Touch!

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