Welcome to The Little Nest

Hi, I’m Jen, owner/designer of the little nest! I’ll be honest, this venture was initially a way for me to live a creative life away from the structure of a typical 9-5 job.  But it has become so much more than that.

I am quite proud of this business. It has become  my very own baby.  I have watched it grow to where it is today from just an idea over lunch.  Being creative  puts air in my lungs. The little nest is not just a business, it is what gets me out of bed each and every day.  That i get to make a career out of being creative is a dream come true.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me in pursuing my dream!

To learn more about  me, check out my first blog post here!


Here are some places you can follow me and reasons why you should!!

inside the little nest I will post monthly giveaways on this Facebook group. See the pinned post for details on how to enter!

the little nest This is my regular Facebook fan page and it will contain an up to date list of festivals (click the events tab for the list)

@tlnest This is my Instagram account. This will have all the pretty pictures of course! My stories will contain links to blog entries and giveaways!

@the_little_nest This is my twitter account for those of you that want to hear my tweets.

tlnest This is my Pinterest account. Aside from my products, you’ll be able to see my Pinterest interests, too!

inside the little nest This is my blog.  I will share both personal and business related stories here as well as highlighting other handmade businesses!

Let’s Get in Touch!

Thanks to annoying spammers, I’ve had to remove my obviously too easy to use “contact me” form and spell out my email address.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can only delete so many Russian porn links a day before I lose my mind.

So if you need to contact me via email, it’s below.

jennifer (at) the-little-nest (dot) com

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