There are no shipping delays on our part due to COVID-19.


Like most businesses, we too have been impacted by COVID-19. Listed below are some of the temporary changes we have had to make. We’ll keep this page updated until it is no longer needed. Thank you for your understanding and patience and especially your support.  Stay safe and well. ❤️

  • Festivals: Currently all of our festivals have been cancelled or postponed.  As of now, our next festival will be the Piedmont Park Arts Festival in August.  We’ve got a few irons in the fire so to speak and as soon as we have something definite lined up, we’ll post it here and on social media.
  • Boutiques: Some of the boutiques we sell in have reopened.  We’ve updated the list here so that you know where you can shop locally.
  • Bodysuits: What we currently have listed for sale is all we have. We will do our best to maintain stock of the Little Peach, Georgia Love, and Mama Rock Me.  I suspect this shortage will last most of the year.  Anytime something sells out, I’ll move it here so that you don’t have to scroll through items that are no longer available.
  • Facemasks: Honestly, the sale of facemasks is what is keeping us from losing our home right now.  We will continue to sell them as long as the need exists.  We are also still donating to the medical community. For a very small extra charge, you can now choose your own print.  Check out all the available masks here.

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